Hanuman and his five faces

DISCOVERED at a temple in Pondicherry, this interesting image of Panch Hanuman ji caught my attention.

Panch Hanuman

2 responses to “Hanuman and his five faces

  1. This dude is always so colourful and flamboyant (curiously, very pink here?!).
    Dennis Rodman comes to mind. (Maybe the world IS an illusion)
    In any respect, not likely to usher in any Jedi Mind-melds with the DPRK.
    Airyaman, the stars are her thousand-eyed spies. Daityas Sampad be krushed to the Abel Ymir. So much for the Sun Wukong tikka…
    I shall have to beat about The Karla cave and see if Elvira tops up.
    (Pure druj.) perspicacity bearing execution sleep repeat

  2. Always an interesting site seeing Panch-mukhi Hanumanji.

    You may be aware that each ‘mukha’ represents a prana vayu, as per yoga / tantra system.

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