Sun hack gets awfully shouty in West Oxford

SO THERE I WAS, having a quiet drink in my local, The Kite in Oxford, with my friends, and I go go out for a tab, and  a The Currant Bun journo with a lass from the Oxford Mail – always late, see earlier stories on this bog –  asks if I have a light. Of course, I oblige, being a member of the Corpse Diplomatique.

I manage to wind up  Sun journalist Nick Ives, I think about the Sun, it being the dark daze before Christmas.  It wasn’t hard. He responded. In volume. He says he is listening but no, he is shouting. He used to work for the benighted Oxford Mail  – and now the competitor of Badger News – and knows all about online journalism. He seems to have little sense of humour.

He gets awfully shouty. So shouty that he could probably wake up the dead, and the children behind him close to the river in Mill Street.

Especially the zombies in Fleet Street. He maintains that Rupert Murdoch did the right thing by shutting down the News of the Screws. It was an ethical decision, said Nick. Nick said Murdoch knows all about online. Yeah, talk me myspace, Nick :)

He says Rupert Murdoch is an ethical proprietor and has done everything in his power to comply with the law.  What a wapping lie. Sorry about the speeling, Nick :) .♦

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  1. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    Rupert Murdoch is ethical? Hell, I want some of what he’s smoking!


  2. I read or heard a Murdoch interview in which he said in so many words to the effect that: promoting his own personal political sodality agenda and values and bias is the chief goal of his news organisations. So truth and objectivity be hanged. The naive American audience is so trusting of television news that most never suspect that they’re being propagandised. Murdoch and Roger Ailes have made Fox News into a voice for radicalised (right wing) conservatism by its spouting of a constant barrage of half-truths and fear-mongering. Most simply, they are promoting discord over discourse. Now, all of the “tea party” act-out as childishly as a child’s game.

    I’m not saying they invented the Neoconservative Plutocracy, but they are “All In”. “Winston Churchill, 19th-century French sociologist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville and 19th-century Spanish monarchist Juan Donoso Cortés have condemned those they characterize as plutocrats for ignoring their social responsibilities to the poor, using their power to serve their own purposes and thereby increasing poverty and nurturing class conflict, and corrupting their societies with greed and hedonism.” wikipedia

    There is far less compassion now thanks to these Think Tanks (the Panzers and a law unto themselves: In Mammon They Trust), and bizoodles of dosh, from very mean people.

    I will never see this lot in a good light. So please do speel all you fancy, Mike.

    Next to Goebbels, who are the world’s greatest propagandists if not for these? I should like to know. The Dirty Digger be chucked, I say.

    I hear that they pay quite well for their media whores.

    Sorry about the speeling, Mike:)

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