Lord Leveson lets us boggers off the hook

HIS REVERENCE the Lord O’Leveson of QEII Hall delivered four volumes to the Great British Public last week and in passing mentioned the internet – he devoted about a page to the subject far as we can tell.

2,000 print wallahs in the UK are scrabbling like there is no tomorrow to come up with a voluntary scheme just in case the Muvva of all Parliaments has to pass a law to force them to cooperate.

Naturally, that ignores the dilemma that faces any print publisher, and which we highlighted in the case of the Oxford Mail last time we tapped on this particular keyboard. Print publishers are in denial, and have been since the early 1990s.

Internet publishing has its own challenges, of course; since the convergence of devices few have loyalties to any particular online publication. Heck, we can’t remember the last time we looked at The Rogister or TheINQUIRER.  Our smartphone seems to be a tad more discriminating.





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