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Women bishops’r’us

Women bishops’r’us

SAY NO more.


Volesoft excels on May Day 2012, somehow or other…

The Annual Report on Volesoft. Apparently May Day did well!


I was going to …

I was going to make myself a bacon sandwich before I realised my Aga was canned

Snow in Oxford before dawn. What gives?!?

IT IS NORMAL to slip on vomit in Mill Street, not bloody snow and ice! ψ

Intel and Microsoft in the deepest of doo doo

OR SO it seems according to Jock McFrock, the bekilted engineer, here.

Three grey squirrels squabble in my back garden

IN MY menagerie, here in Oxford, the birds squabble, the mammals squabble – is there any hope of peace in our time or Ahimsa? Δ