More culture hits Mill Street club

AS A LOCAL pointed out to me in the Kite last night, Mill Street is more like Corrie Street than a village.  The Kite was full of young Americans being inducted in the ancient game of Aunt Sally, so rather than going into the back garden for a puff, I wandered outside and watched them from afar.

But we got culture here as well as a club.  The Old Power Station, pictured below, is putting on a gallery of art by a mister called John Gerrard.  We haven’t had a chance to have a dekko yet, but we will, we will…

Old Power Station

6 responses to “More culture hits Mill Street club

  1. I heard the diamond geezer’s sun “spot drawing” is a good-un (LOL); art, for art’s sake and all that nonsense. Still, there’s nothing better than a few shots in the kite and a good old fashioned smoke in the garden afterwards.

    Well, see ya, me old flower!

  2. thanks for the info about the exhibition I might go see it today or tomorrow, as it give us a chance to look inside and talk to the organisers.

    Apparently Binsey lane is exactly the same, my mum only had to mention to one person that she was buying a house down there and everyone knew. Personally I suggested Mill street…

  3. Hello Big Kate,

    Did you know Treacle Well in Binsley Lane used to be the centre of Oxford; it was said, St Frideswide (Friouswip) and a group of nuns drew up the water to give to the sick.

    Still, those three fish fisheries that used to be in Mill Street must have been quite a sight, and stunk to high heaven!

    Yeah, its best to keep the cards close to your chest when it comes to playing the house game.

    Have a good trip to the exhibition, perhaps you may see the sun spot drawing.

    See ya!

  4. When yer avin a fag in the garden Mike, where dya sit?

    Still, mind you; there’s a cosy little spot with a view inside as well…

  5. madmikemagee

    Generally speaking, I leave my pint on the bar and go have a wee tab outside :)

  6. Any games of Aunt Sally going on up in or around the Sheffield Campus this Michaelmas?

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