I’m having a beano in the Dandy

EVERYTHING seems a bit odd in this hotel called the Dandy in the Da’an district of Old Taipei. I mean it’s fine….

Having a beano in the Dandy in Old Taipei

One response to “I’m having a beano in the Dandy

  1. thomasxstewart

    Goes W/Excited Frosty. Nice put some snow in. Reason left facebook? Readers just aren’t interested in Well costumed actors with snake head or some kind of nightmare.

    Control Data or Grants dept store, Grants Central Station was nice in Minneapolis.Dat Grant gone & property removed. Bud Grant. So many Grant names in oil & streets, towns & Counties.

    Grant Stored My Minnesota national Guard Vechile for 15 years, FREE.

    Must of started it over & over. Had Plenty of vechiles in storage at: Grants Central Station. Funny way things come & go. Have stake in trolly car co, where my brother works, now that Northwest Airline went under, where went after sikorsky helicopter.

    interesting raindeer is actually Bird used by Slanta to Carry heavy freight in winter.

    Slanta Investigator….DRASHEK

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