Syria’s Assad is a murdering little cheap Oxford bastard

HOW NICE that the putative president of the Baathist Republic of Syria is killing people like there is no tomorrow, including women and children!

Well done! At least the Baathist Republics of Saddam Hussain and what’s his face – Assad of Syria – educated at Oxford University – are atheists. Women are considered assets in the Baathist States – g0 figure.

No  wonder Iran and Saudi Arabia dislike Iraq,and Syria. But can you all stop killing folk, you idiotic  twits? ♥

One response to “Syria’s Assad is a murdering little cheap Oxford bastard

  1. Assad is an idiot.he use to violate people.he not see gaddafi corspe, he never learn anything.he is exactly an idiot,arrogant and a fool person.All arab leaders never practice nice democracy.I they are all still barbarian.They think they live in year 500 before century.What a fool leaders they are….

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