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Colin Cook: Oxford’s main man, is up for re-erection


Merry go round
Merry go round

Merry go round III
Merry go round IV

I WILL NOT VOTE for Colin Cook (pictured above) in his hope to be re-erected in Oxford as a councillor. Although I am a bit of a lefty, in my opinion he has not represented the residents of Mill Street in the slightest. I hope he gets voted off the council, fervently. I thought of standing against him, but do not want to be involved in endless discussions…. Hopefully, soon, he won’t be involved in endless discussions either…

Syria’s Assad is a murdering little cheap Oxford bastard

HOW NICE that the putative president of the Baathist Republic of Syria is killing people like there is no tomorrow, including women and children!

Well done! At least the Baathist Republics of Saddam Hussain and what’s his face – Assad of Syria – educated at Oxford University – are atheists. Women are considered assets in the Baathist States – g0 figure.

No  wonder Iran and Saudi Arabia dislike Iraq,and Syria. But can you all stop killing folk, you idiotic  twits? ♥

The goldfinches and the long tailed tits have arrived

WHAT BEAUTIFUL things they are, here on Mill Street – and it is sunflower seeds that are dragging them in. Not just the goldfinches and the long tailed tits, but the robins, the ground sparrows, the sparrows, the blue tits, the coal tits, the great tits, the chaffinches, and the rest… even the bigger birdies. ♦

It is only this kind of thing that will save us all