Tantrik texts are being kindled

I HAVE started getting many of the texts I’ve worked on converted into Kindle format – including some new material.  You can find the list here.

7 responses to “Tantrik texts are being kindled

  1. Satyabroto Banerji

    Please include all your kindle material at your web site, of which I am a devoted browser. Please consider adding a ‘paid’ section in which your followers can make donations to support your invaluable work. The Android Marketplace is another forum to consider for your work as not all of us use kindle.

  2. nice selection of books

  3. “Tantrik texts are being kindled”
    Nice fuel for the burning ego to pay through the nose…

    • Well obviously you are a complete benchod, sir, a sister must be involved. I have run shivashakti.com at my own expense since 1996, what have you done, sir, apart from being a total wanker?

  4. I had a snottogram – my ego was kindling these books. I assure you all my little ego has subsidised this site since 1996.

  5. Dear Satyabroto – I don’t use Kindle either. Thanks for your message. Distributing in any way you can is important in the 21st Century. Will carry on kindling stuff, and there’s lot more where that came from. Mike

    • Satyabroto Banerji

      Respected Mike,
      Please consider if I may send money to your bank account. I would deem this a privilege even if it does not give me access to your ‘kindled’ translations as I visit your web site every day, and benefit from it beyond measure.

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