Facebook has some Adobe “issues”

FCOL, FB is FS.  But here is the Ganapati Upanishad, despite FB’s “issues”



One response to “Facebook has some Adobe “issues”

  1. You know I never understood the written Tantras really.
    Who were they for.
    At the time of writing I imagine almost all of India was unable to read them.
    Including many of the so called Gurus
    So why are they not written like for kids.
    Like the kids we are, they were
    Life is hard enough as it is without the secrets of the universe being hidden in shed loads of
    Unintelligible garble.
    I do realise that sometimes things are so simple they are impossible to relate.
    Never write a book, that’s was a good one. Learn from those who know, not from what they try to explain in words that lead ever further away from what you know but just forgot, cause you fell asleep on the journey.


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