Kenneth Grant: More memories

I have found my stash of Kenneth Grant letters, and I am reconstructing the book I wrote  15 years before he snuffed it. Here’s a sample. Facebook lacks the resolution dot com.

4 responses to “Kenneth Grant: More memories

  1. Wonderful. I hope more of these letters will follow… thank you so much.

  2. let mixed up fool rest, world better place when ken died.

    drashek siamease kitten.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Gives a little more insight into the relatively unknown personality of a very significant, occult writer of modern times (with an intriguing, occult – historical… “pedigree” (?).
    I enjoy K.G.’s works & have recently read his fictional series which seems, at times, to elucidate certain esoteric points more easily (less confusedly) than his “non-fiction”! (the gematria in the non fic. will make you insane!). Not to mention his delightful habit for conjuring up strange, new words like “perichoresis”.
    Whether it is fiction, or non-fiction, or reality (as perceived by you, him or I), it is an intriguing and intoxicating brew he stirred up! Looking forward to seeing more, and to the book when completed. Will we be able to order a signed in toad’s blood, numbered edition bound in goat’s-skin? (Just kidding!)

  4. Thank you for sharing these Mike. I would very much like to see your book – as I’m sure many would, and more of these letters. I cherish the issues of Sothis that I have been lucky enough to get. Thanks.

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