There are badgers in our back gardens. More trouble down Mill Street, Oxford

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    Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything


    johna, inovating housing since 1947….

    drashe esquire.

  3. De Ueritas Locutus Latine:
    Michael, Fortunit te constituit conspici.
    David qui est Papa audivim futuros, Illa scit.
    Illa non facit dant tempus diei mihi.
    Ne patiamini vos ab meles spurios esse paveas.

    The truth spoke in Latin:
    Michael, Fortune hath appointed thee observation.
    We have heard that David [Cameron], who is the Pope, she knows.
    She does not give me the time of the day. [would not]
    Do not allow yourselves to be discouraged by the BADGER[ing] bastards.

  4. first, parliament is located in:Minster, England.

    drashek minsterologist….

  5. Oh it appears after all these years i had no idea where mill street was, i always thought it was on osney island when actually your over the road from the white house pub (which i used to frequent). I have no idea if you drink at the Jam Factory, but if i do get a chance to meet you I owe you several pints for all the enjoyment you have given me over the years. All the time I wanted to come up to London to buy you a pint and you were just around the corner. I’ve now added your RSS feed so that i can keep up with local news.
    best wishes
    Big Kate

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