Aargh, now it’s Innovation House on Mill Street

2 responses to “Aargh, now it’s Innovation House on Mill Street

  1. homeland security has near identical building here in Washington,dc about 4 blocks from bolling air force base where i am. some are over 100 years old. Tortore Labortories. movie: soylent green was done on some of property here, with conver belt bodies to incinerator parts of movie, thats been torn down.

    Hey MIKE. Got pic of rebel whom shot col el quadaffy in head. its here. person smoking cigerette with gun. notice victim stated wasn’t col el & vctim is bald in back of head. hummmm. also link to clear video, blood all over. cut out is rife shown now from afar, had pic in vide of rifle on col el temple skin & blood blasting out other side, been delete in last few hours. notice small left arm wound, in video looks like slaughter house gone beserk: here:


    ‘ole friendly drashek executionologist….

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