I have an objection to the smaller bricks in the wall

FOLLOWERS of this bog will have noticed we scored an apparent victory against developers of stuff between the railway line and the community here.  The developers have scaled down their plans, as expected. But nevertheless there are still cogent reasons why the previous application was declined that haven’t been addressed in the later recension. ♦

I have objected on the following lines:

Commenter Type: Neighbours
Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application
Reasons for comment: – Affect local ecology
– Close to adjoining properties
– Conflict with local plan
– Development too high
– General dislike of proposal
– Inadequate access
– Increase in traffic
– Increase of pollution
– Information missing from plans
– Noise nuisance
– Not enough info given on application
– Other – give details
– Out of keeping with character of area
– Potentially contaminated land
– Strain on existing community facilities
Comments: The previous plan was turned down for cogent reasons that haven’t been addressed in this, rather expected, re-application. It appears that because the land has already been bought, by hook or by crook a building will be built. The proposed plans of Oxford suggest this is an eminently unsuitable development. Bellerbys is a great college, no doubt, but surely the kids won’t want to be subjected to the nasty habits of the residents between 17-41 Mill Street.

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