Amazon decides to screw over co-founder of The Register

The Kindle service is obviously not too keen on ethical values. On the Amazon Kindle site, this tantrik document is being sold for £2.18, irrespective of copyright values or any other ethical values. It is my copyright – check out Google.

As I translated the Yoni Tantra a long time ago – and Google has referenced my translation many a time – I was rather surpised to find Amazon selling a Kindle version without my permission or say so. Plus it is the Yoni Tantra but appears to be being sold on the basis of breasts, not yonis.

To try and complain about this to Amazon is almost impossible to do online. You are told you have to send a snail mail message with something called a stamp!

This is so unlike Google. A few weeks ago, I discovered someone had thefted my copyright, dropped it an email, and within three days the copyrighted material had been downed.

Hey, Amazon! What you gonna do now?

3 responses to “Amazon decides to screw over co-founder of The Register

  1. That sucks. Good luck on getting that copyright sorted out. The ‘Yoni Tantra’ is a rather “tender” subject, no? Seriously though, We really appreciate all the work you put into, and the info on, the ‘Shiva Shakti’ site. As long time students of these esoteric subjects and as interested readers of Kenneth Grant’s works we like keeping your blog on our radar. Your entries are informative and amusing.
    BTW, speaking of published works, how is work on that Kenneth Grant bio mentioned in an earlier post coming along? It would be great to know more about him. Another comment on that earlier post (from Ilinx, I think) mentioned great questions to touch on in a prospective bio of him.

  2. Thanks! We will see… my work on Kenneth is going at a snail’s pace, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, days in the week and the rest. But haven’t forgotten it…

  3. IM GAY.

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