All in all, brick walls don’t rhyme with trouble down the Mill

THIS WEDNESDAY, the great and the good will make a decision on the Mill Street Wall. Volesoft will be there to report on the adjudications of the august councillors on the plan.  See here.

Over here – as a matter of record – are the observations of “interested parties” including quite a few from the residents, er that’s us.

Matters of wildlife will not be discussed at this planning meeting.  Down the bottom of our gardens are havens of wildlife protecting us from developers and planners and the like.

Oxford Council just recently made a decision that the small area shouldn’t be developed. But Bellerbys – a college – has to put its studes somewhere.  We’d suggest a brownfield site. But what can we proles do? We can do what we can.  There’s a petition about the wild life here. In planning applications, wild life is not included apparently as a reason for accepting or rejecting stuff.

Strange, because under the UK BAP (UK Biodiversity Action Plan) local authorities are supposed to be mindful of and use in their considerations. A neighbour sends me this list…He says many of these have been found in this narrow strip of wildlife. Wonder how this will all work out… Many have been seen in the narrow strip – soon to turn into a narrow strop – between Mill Street and the railway line.   All in all…

Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006

S41 list. These are the species found in England which have been identified as requiring action under the UK BAP.


Bufo bufo Common Toad Vertebrates Amphibian
Triturus cristatus Great Crested Newt Vertebrates Amphibian
Bombus ruderatus Large Garden Bumblebee Invertebrates Bee
Bombus subterraneus Short Haired Bumblebee Invertebrates Bee
Lasioglossum angusticeps A Solitary Bee Invertebrates Bee
Osmia xanthomelana Large Mason Bee Invertebrates Bee
Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo Vertebrates Bird
Motacilla flava subsp. flavissima Yellow Wagtail Vertebrates Bird
Passer domesticus House Sparrow Vertebrates Bird
Prunella modularis subsp. occidentalis Dunnock (Hedge Accentor) Vertebrates Bird
Pyrrhula pyrrhula subsp. pileata Bullfinch Vertebrates Bird
Streptopelia turtur Turtle Dove Vertebrates Bird
Sturnus vulgaris subsp. vulgaris Starling Vertebrates Bird
Turdus philomelos subsp. clarkei Song Thrush Vertebrates Bird
Cupido minimus Small Blue Invertebrates Butterfly
Erinaceus europaeus Hedgehog Vertebrates Mammal
Micromys minutus Harvest Mouse Vertebrates Mammal
Plecotus auritus Brown Long-eared bat Vertebrates Mammal
Anguis fragilis Slow-worm Vertebrates Reptile
Natrix natrix Grass Snake Vertebrates Reptile



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