AMD reprises its not quite so finest hour

THE BEST THING to come out of the launch of the K5 was this pair of binoculars from AMD – I use them to watch the lovely lovely birds that populate my lovely garden here in Oxford.

The binoculars quickly focus on any old thing that’s flying around out there – truly AMD did a good job with this rev of the binocs. There’s not much horse racing going on out there, but then they are not 3D binoculars.

The second best thing is out of Old Taipei and is a health warning on the fags out there, that cost $NT75 – that’s less than £2 quid to you and me.  I am looking forward to using the K5 binocs to view the eclipse of the Moon, due any hour now…

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  1. thomasxstewart

    didye get glimpse of jimmy stewart. oh, heres beta that gives older computers -=7=-:
    Putting this here as last while on sidebar stories. Have some old dells or Hp around, Pentium ?X or anything that won’t consider -=7=- 32 disk, apu does, apparently do -=7=- 32 well. so ?2005 & older, heres new Beta ReDer might like:

    Top Stories

    Windows Thin PC RTMs

    Windows Thin PC has been released to manufacturing (RTM), and will be available for our SA customers to download starting July 1, 2011. Microsoft Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) enables customers to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients by providing a smaller footprint, locked-down version of Windows 7

    should be in connect program on 1July, U.K. Citizens, Diet or best yet, apply in advance when apply becomes available.

    ‘ole drashek buster buster. look beond physical world, ehhhhh….

  2. thomasxstewart thats link to visiting guru, talks in language similar to stuff your studying & engrish. next webcast about peace in complex world is on 9th of July , thru 16th of July for bunch of teaching live web events.​et/System/OS-Enhancements/​Windows-Thin-PC.shtml
    is thin PC for adding -=7=- to older xp or less machines. FREE 90 day trial, get software, then use when needed. mightsave some monies restoring $600 machine like Hyper threading Intel Pent IV 2.9 Ghz/s to todays software, still be bit slow, yet credible.

    Dr Drashek DD

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