Michelle Obama comes to Oxford

CARFAX, this afternoon (see clock).  High security as we wait for Michelle Obama to be re-united with her hubby in Londinium. Loads of cops, a helicopter hovers overhead, some sinister looking men in black suits.

Motorbikes and loads more security people swing by in black cars.  Then her car arrives. People cheer. She’s been to Christ Church (I said Trinity earlier, my bad). She is in this one, honest. ♦

4 responses to “Michelle Obama comes to Oxford

  1. Great pics – absolutely fantastic! Though hate to correct, but she was at Christ Church and not Trinity. But thanks for the photos – was stuck in the office when she was here so didn’t get to see her myself.

  2. madmikemagee

    Thanks David. Of course you’re right, have fixed it!

  3. Amazing they’d manage to drive such a presidential armada in left hand traffic. I reckon an American Secret Service Agent must need to mind his pees and queues really. It looks as though there’d be no crossing the road here for a chicken or a hawk there. If Princess Margaret was wi’ her, they could have driven the Bentley! Odds are, they’ll do takeaways from the chippy.

  4. thomasxstewart

    Fearless Leader Makes Barrier. Before inaugural in 2008, in dec H Barak esq lived here on Bpolling AFB for 6 weeks in condos called Wingate, right in back of my bedroom window. Once after shower, went to window with towel & Woa, there was H Obama esq & Michele waiting for limo.

    Shurrley Michele Rememberssssss, hummmmm> well anyway was thrill for myself. So Oxford got thrill today, Nice. thanks for pics. Ps, found driving thru Oxford Not that hard, had Swan Rental, Outside Oxford was Scary part.

    Lil’ Old Drashek inventor of ?Wheel….

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