You have a tax refund, yeah right

EVERY MAN and every woman these days seems to be a phisherman or a phisherwoman, giving themselves away in oh so many ways.

Of course it would be a delight if HMRC was giving me a tax rebate of nearly £1,000 – but I fear it is not so!

Tax refunds notifiation without the letter “c” – shorely shome mishtake…. I didn’t click there… 

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Hi PhiserPerson Thomas here. Heres’ latest Flame from States.

    h president BOGUS Birth Document….
    In Free Press, Mention Discoloration on left Edge & thats Clue that document presented is FAKED & Most Likely Trumped Up. Documents in Secured Book Are Flat & Unlikely to Discolor at All, No matter How Long Kept, As Public Health Dept recor…ds are in humidity controlled Walk in Safe, constant temp & No Light. Only upon opening is Binding curved & just for small amount of time. that opening does not affect binding edge. also, most photostatic duplicates have offical raised imprint, like notary seal & stamp imprint. Seems Public is truely in midest of Forgein national acting as Hon President of Republic of United states of America, or why wouldsuch elaborate hoax be created, even in one document.

    Also mentioned is smudged signature on bottom, turns out to be word:Ukulele. Like Knock Knock Joke, Ukuele Whom? Seems not many people have name Ukuele. also lower on rubber stamp should be seal\ stamp of Hawaian Public health Records… dept, which is Not there, as mentioned above & required by statutory law upon each copy made. Bogus as heck & thats frieghtening part. Lastly most of michrofice like on cellophane render black background & color of paper as information, until 1995, when Public health went Bezerk & reversed color scheme due to electronic digProduced, Created & NO One has nerve to Risk such Felonious Conviction as Person whom Citizenship Is Questioned. Making Honorable President Easily Imtimidated by Forgein & Domestic Scoundrels.

    Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART von DRASHEK M.D.ital ?improvement.

    Notice name used, Barack, While In Election name People Voted For: Barrack. More Obvious clues to Falseity of What Donald trump Is Claiming Official Government Document. Donald trump Must Be arrested, Penalty is 15 years Imprisonment. Main defect is lack of Embossed Seal of Hawaian Public health Record Office & NO Certificate of Live Birth in USA Is Genuine With Offical Embossing on Document that Clearly has State Seal & around Outside Words: Hawaii Public Health . Not Released or
    Machine grundge original bit, yet idea intack. Shine Lite On,Governed….

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