Kenneth Grant to be obituarised in Independent, apparently

I HAVE received a request from someone who is apparently writing an obituary of Kenneth Grant for UK “paper” The Independent.

After asking for a high res picture of Kenneth’s study – the picture is not my copyright by the way – the mister then went on to ask all sorts of other questions about Kenneth Grant which stopped me in my tracks. The hack – if it is a hack – asked all sorts of weird questions about Mr Aossic Aiwass for the obit, details that I am somewhat reluctant to give. Because my 10,000 word biography is almost finished as well :)

Those included which football team Kenneth Grant supported. Well, I dunno. We never talked about anything apart from Count Basie, who Kenneth adored.  Can’t you do your own research without ligging off me, whoever you are? ♥


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  1. Jumpin at the Woodside IS a great song!
    so is moonlight serenade by miller. did he like glenn miller?

  2. Has the Lamp of Thoth contacted you yet :)

  3. His favourite football team, really? What about his favourite breakfast cereal? No kidding, if I were one writing an obit or a biography about Kenneth Grant, here are the personal questions I would ask you:

    When and how did he discover Eastern mysticism, his first love? Who were his parents, his siblings, his extended family? What did they think of his magical interests and career? How did he convince them to be allowed to study with Crowley? How long did he receive formal schooling, how well did he do in that area? In what circumstances did he meet Steffi? What could be said of their marriage? Do they have any children, grandchildren? What kind of relationship did he have with them, and what do they think of his occult activities? What was his (mundane) occupation(s)? Did he have hobbies besides listening to jazz music, enjoying literature and art, going to the pub and telling jokes? Did he travel abroad? Did he find himself involved with fateful events?

    When I announced to my friends that I recently lost one of my favourite authors, they naturally asked “Who was he?” All I could say was, “Well, he was a secretive man, we only know bits and scraps of his biography, and a few funny anecdotes…” So I really look forward to reading your 10,000-word biography. :-)

  4. The best description I ever heard of Grant’s work was “ A word salad “ and a tossed salad at that.
    This description was given in comparison to the greatest exponent of this style of writing, Michael Bertiaux.
    Why must the secrets of the universe always be cloaked in a fog of seemingly deceptive rhetoric.
    Maybe because they are not secrets at all, but simply the deceptions of those who were unwilling to except the devastating simplicity of truth. If it is art call it art, do not dress it as something it is not. I was fooled by this deception for too long.

  5. speaking from reading:John18F11 paraphase less written, less paper ruined, is correct.

    talons that cling, some needed, most criminal. you 18 & your mine.

    minee’Au’ napoleus,minnee’ sota.

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  6. Noel Fitzgerald

    Do you think any hacks will review your biography Mike?

  7. I hope he posts some more writings here soon because he is lucky enough to have memories of the great man and a memory shared is knowledge passed on :)

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