When I was snowed upon in Rutland, in June, and the car in front me was OTO93M, Holy Thelema!

I used to ride a motorbike, I believe it’s safe to now, and always took the A1 on my way to see my dad. It’s a safe Roman road unlike the obviously more glamorous and ultimately more tedious the so-called “M1”. The A1 has trucker spots on it.

I broke my leg at the crossroads where Kenneth G lived, in 1981. I was off work for four years, It wasn’t his fault, my subconscious was operating very strongly and believe it or not the Shri Yantra saved my life that night, yeah really.

I got to Rutland, and a quite severe blizzard decided to start, in June. Yeah really. I squeezed gently on my brakes and managed to avoid decking a car with the unlikely number OTO93M.

This time I came to no harm, the traffic slowed a bit and I got to Leeds safely.

Next week I met Kenneth Grant and told him of my experience. He said that it was all auspicious. Suspicious if you ask me. I have heard that the witches of Rutland can summon up all sorts of storms if they have a mind to. Usually, they don’t. But on this occasion I have the feeling they did… ♦

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  1. What a beautiful photo , you rarely get to see him grin normally in his book jackets :) Thanks again for sharing these they are balm for all of us who miss his presence on the physical, even if we never met the chap we can tell.

  2. We were very lucky, I thin

  3. thomasxstewart

    Doctors like yellow shirts, yellow color of deception or Old. Copper tie with RED bact(Ufromgrave).eria thanges’ , & aluminum lampshade, aluminum called Police Metal for some reason. Sitting is form of surrender or fight , yet in court. clothes bigger than person. Books, worthless to most, better off burnt. Well Gromed to outshine you th. Basicly costa nostra in upper middle class house of deception. Self Declared Executionare, lucky didn’t die from event. Easy kill, as mike came to it, that underestimated young mans’ strength. 4 years is actually wipe out, luckily in victims’ home area.

    Old Roman Road Sounds Like Great Inspiration.

    Can say world is better off now.

    vondrashek md

  4. thomasxstewart i cant decide if your posts are the automatic spam of a robot like one sees from time to time or if you are really that unhinged. that’s a dubious honour

  5. This is actually the best photo of Kenneth Grant I have seen. Its reinforces the words from people (such as yourself) who knew him that he was a kind generous man with a brilliant sense of humour and its wonderful to see how happy he looks here.. I had never met him, but from his words and work he is so sadly missed.

    Best wishes


  6. A wonderful photo of Mr. Grant. Thank you for sharing the photo and story!

  7. I happily happened upon your ruminations and am so glad I did.
    Thank you so much for sharing these enlightening posts and pics for those of us who respect the man and his work. Wish we could have had more of him (i.e. public visibility or interviews perhaps) but his work will certainly continue to inspire artists and occult seekers like meself.
    BTW… anyone know how where we could hear that elusive ‘Chakra’ “Scarlet Woman” track which is said to have had Maestro Grant’s & Lady Steffi’s collaboration? Maybe someone has access and could put in on Youtube? Just a thought. It would be of great value to some…
    Thanks again for this blog & it’s postings. Jai Maa!

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