Praeternatural influences: Lam and Kenneth Grant

Outside the circles of time dwells a single indistinguishable flame, according to the tantraraaja tantra.

Kenneth Grant is known for his affection for Lam – a creature from outside the circles of time that informed Aleister Crowley.

I had one of my weekly meetings with Kenneth back in the 1970s, and the subject of Lam came up.

Lam, said Kenneth was a praeternatural creature transmitting the Typhonian message in a Seti or should that be Set like manner from a far away galaxy.

LamI asked Frater Aossic Aiwass whether he thought Lam was outside the circles of time, like maybe Shiva, or whether he really was a creature from a galaxy far from ours.

Kenneth said that in his opinion Lam was an extraterrestial creature. I replied that it was only 100 years ago when it took you weeks to get to Sri Lanka, to Bombay or to China, like Marco Polo. I said I guessed that to Victorians the inhabitants of these places were pretty praeternatural.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump to Sirius (SOTHiS).   ♥

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  1. “Second star t0 the right straight on till morning?
    That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way
    to the Neverland; but even birds, carrying maps and
    consulting them at windy corners, could not have
    sighted it with these instructions.
    Peter, you see, just said anything that came into his head.

  2. That picture is not Lam.

  3. 93 Just a quick note; that is not Lam in the photo but the “Master Therion self portrait” by Crowley.

    93 93 93


  4. Quite true. My bad as they say apparently

  5. You’ve been rumbled Mike. You were in the OTO all those years and though Crowley was an alien ;)

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