Kenneth Grant: Aossic Aiwass, memories are made of this

I have very fond memories of Kenneth Grant – very fond memories indeed. Unlike quite a few of my friends, I never got expelled from his Typhonian OTO, I resigned and he was gracious enough to allow me to exit, gracefully. I was a member of his Sovereign Sanctuary.

It all came about because of this. I wasn’t interested in Indian traditions at all, until 1974 or so, when a vivid dream woke me up to stuff.  Kenneth, actually, was very knowledgeable about tha tantrik traditions. Apart from spending a great deal of time in India in the 1950s, he also contributed many articles about Hinduism to Man, Myth and Magic.

He was very sympathetic to me when in 1978  threw up a good job to visit Mahendranath (Dadaji) in Old Mehmadabad. I had corresponded with Dadaji for well over a year – I sought tantrik initiation.

In a very sympathetic conversation I had with Aossic Aiwass,  the then OHO of the Typhonian OTO, I had spelled out my vivid dream to him, and I asked him for tantrik initiation. He said he had never had tantrik initiation. Shortly after this, I got a letter from Dadaji – he had had articles published in John Spiers’ magazine Values, and John Spiers and I had exchanged adverts with each other – me in my first magazine Azoth. Dadaji asked me to send him copies of Azoth and latterly SOTHiS magazine – Jan Bailey,  David Hall and myself had just started this organ.

I felt I had to go to India and seek initiation into a tradition that suddenly appeared to be in my mind and in my heart and in my body.  Kenneth conferred a VII degree honorary initiation on Mahendranath, never to my knowledge rescinded.

I continue to have the utmost regard for Kenneth Grant – his knowledge was deep, practical and full of wisdom. He knew Dylan Thomas in the early 1950s – his books of poetry show that Sarasvati sat on his tongue. He told me, when he was writing his first Typhonian Trilogy, that these books were also informed by poetry. He said that it was important, after you had digested wisdom, that you published it and made it available. He said that when you died, and began to get back to the Light, you would read stuff in books and it would remind you who you were before.

Digestion, he said, involved excretion too, and these were books. If you failed to write what you had learned, or felt, it was the equivalent of mental constipation.

He was devoted to the goddess in all of her guises.

This picture is of Kenneth and me in 1978 in our flat in Golders Green, just round the corner from where he lived. I am missing him. He was a master of wisdom.  I venerate his memory.

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  1. thomasxstewart

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  2. Amba Sadyojata

    Wow what a beautiful man. Thanks for sharing the story. That last bit about excretion and constipation gives pause. Is it an OBLIGATION then, to write and share one’s experiences? Had never thought of that.

  3. thank you for sharing your memories. I think it is true that one should try to make something out of what one has ingested/read whether it is writing or art or whatever.
    Although I never had the honour of meeting him face to face, based on his Work I can say he was a great man.
    We all look forward to more memories of Grant and if you choose to post your correspondence with him as well. Thanks again.

  4. Mater Margaritis

    parma en gladio clavis et sagittis arcus
    cognitus sum facere ita
    sum Item notum silice
    aquat incendito aeris aetheris et
    ubi silvam est floridulo ornatum gemmis
    ut mi spatum stemma
    ut mi temporis
    est rithimorum expandum
    causua cantio cantu
    indu libatem ad ut.
    felici solis sunt huc
    et etiam lunae ludo cum
    Qua Lactat sidereum caelos planetam
    et praeterea dimensionu alia

  5. Hi Mike,
    Kenneth told you that he had never had tantrik initiation but in his ‘Remembering Aleister Crowley’ he writes that he received ‘full initiation into a highly recondite formula of the Tantric vama marg’ from David Curwen (to whom the book is dedicated.) ? And btw, did you ever meet David Curwen? He died in 1984. Thank you for all these posts. Seeing Mr Grant with a suntan and a brilliant Colgate smile was an utter delight.

  6. No, I never met David Curwen. And yes, he said he couldn’t give me initiation, which I guess isn’t the same as he never had initiation…

  7. “He said that when you died, and began to get back to the Light, you would read stuff in books and it would remind you who you were before.” – this rings very true. He referred to it as a way of reawakening if I recall so you can quickly take up the threads of your previous work.

    I never knew this about what led you to leave for India. I do know that he loved and respected you and physical death is no end to such a deep bond.

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