It’s pretty but it’s wet and cold

WOKE UP this morning in Oxford and the snow had started. It hasn’t stopped yet, seven hours or so later.  Pictured here is a view of the dovecote two or three doors down, and below it a grey squirrel, rummaging around for seeds dislodged from the bird feeder that’s above its head.

dovecote in Oxford
Squirrel under the feeder

2 responses to “It’s pretty but it’s wet and cold

  1. Hi Mike,

    no need for you chaps up there to dream of a white xmouse I see. Down here, in the Northern Antipodes, we have summer humidity, albeit grey, rainy and over cast just now.

    Wishing your good self, the readers, birds, squirrels and all beings generally, a jolly festive season indeed.

    GreekGeek :-)

  2. Seeking MAD Michelle. Source of Tamlin Jr. dialogee’.

    For SnowPerson, Moving InDoors Might Be Fatal Mistake. At Least Bar oder Will Be Reduced for theMAD.SEEKERs’ OutDoor Clinic.

    SUN Warmed Acorns’, House Specialty.

    vondrashek md

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