Amazon puts paid to Charing Cross Road relic

At the Porcupine on Friday – infamous home of Intel roadmaps – I could not help but notice that an antiquarian shop that had been there since times immemorial, well OK for a while, has been displaced by a corporate chain.

Enter Patisserie Valerie in the Charing Cross Road, where formerly a fine bookstore was.

Personally, I blame Amazon more than I can blame Patisserie V. Although, however, PV is beginning to become a high street menace rather than the charming place it once was, in Soho, W1.

And a Tale of Two Cities. There’a  PV in Oxford too.  What can match the splendours of Oxford, now garnished by a Patisserie Valerie, aussi guv. ♥

3 responses to “Amazon puts paid to Charing Cross Road relic

  1. The original PV is less than 2 mins. walk away from this location…just hope this doesn’t happen to Maison Bertaux. As for the bookshop; I wouldn’t blame Amazon completely – they tend to sell new books rather than the antiques! I would guess it is something more mundane; the increase in rents and rates possibly?

  2. Amazon sells absolutely everything and anything. So many bookshops are closing down these days. What’s his face is right, by 2020 we will all be confined indoors, forever.

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