Oxford cricket fans breakfast on pizzas

I MUST confess that I am not a big fan of cricket – being Scottish. But I did see Richie Benaud at the Aberdeen cricket ground score very many sixes.

But Oxford, being out in the provinces, is cricket mad. Plus there are loads of Australians here – few Scots!

Domino Pizza is committed to the Ashes in Oxford. It is staying open until 5AM to cater for the breakfast crowd. As you can see below. Who cares? Not Scots! ♥

4 responses to “Oxford cricket fans breakfast on pizzas

  1. thomasxstewart

    Oh,NO. Theres Goes Bloomers. Cann’t Believe Me Eye.

    Scottish Tartans Authority, the governing body that sets the world standard for Highland dress, called for an end to the age-old custom, saying the practice is “unhygienic” and “offensive.”

    Pizza That Got Caught In Drawers or or Cauldron of Syphephus. More Incrusion on Common Shotlanders Groin. No Jocky For US, Sings HighLanders Brigade.

    Better In Pink, vondrashek md.

  2. Hi Mike.

    How about a few comments contrasting the High Land Scots from the Low Land Scots, expatriates and everything in between as you do.

  3. Out riding your new scooter Mic’? You’re like the paparazzi. Hope you’re carrying a couple spare tubes for protection.

    Global warming and global warring have nothing on global denial; be real, be sober.

  4. thomasxstewart

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    N.b. Large Pizza Is $4.99. Hope Gotits’ Everythi.angers, Esp. Anchovies.

    vondrashek Raising Dough,Oh,Boi: Since 1946.

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