I have discovered an intelligent Wood Pigeon – no really

I AM FEEDING the birds with a bird feeder in my back garden.  There are Coal Tits, Blue Tits and other Finch like species taking advantage of the Tesco bounty. In the cold weather, the Robin takes advantage at ground level of spilled seed.

But lo! What’s this? Two days back I observed a Wood Pigeon, not the brightest of birds, just sitting quietly amongst the fallen apples, waiting for seeds to fall from the feeder, just sitting very quietly indeed.

And then today the Wood Pigeon really went off on one.  It decided to take matters into its own, er, claws.  It flew up onto the branch where the feeder is, and did a kind of jig so that seeds would fall off and it could eat them.

This is the most intelligent Wood Pigeon in the world because it is a Wood Pigeon Entrepreneur. Even Cock Robin was aghast at its gall. I will catch a picture, when and if  I can.  Birds seem to be a bit nervous in my back yard, in Oxford.  It’s probably something to do with the railways, and the foxes. As an investigative journalist, I will capture this clever Wood Pigeon. And interview it, if possible.  

4 responses to “I have discovered an intelligent Wood Pigeon – no really

  1. Hi Mike,

    yea, the birds in my backyard are a bit wary of Tom & Azlam and with good reason. For these cats, being cats, have eaten some of there kin. Still, with special placement of bready bits, they are wining.

    Now if only I could chip these cats, so they would not enter into a certain zone, around the trees, then that would be grand.

    FYI, my birds tweet regularly, just not online… It is the usual stuff. My nest is bigger than yours! This worm was 10cm long. etc, etc….

    GreekGeek :-)

  2. Wood pigeon has been joined by a somewhat impatient Robin. At this rate, I will have to go shopping for another bag of bird feed. Oddly, don’t see many cats round here. They go missing. Haven’t seen any foxes either. Perhaps there is an uber bird – a Kite – that swoops from above.

  3. I found your Wood Pigeon at:

    You are so clever; that IS a clever bird!
    She refuses to be pigeon-holed.
    Oxford City Council refuses to deal with squirrels outside. No negotiations: ifs, ands or buts about it. Squirrels are for the birds.
    Squirrels are “Smelly Pirate Hookers”__ straight from the nut-house and everyone of them out to steal a pigeon’s birdfeed… Why so British? Arrrgh!

    Pigeons don’t move their eyes relative to their surroundings. Their eyes are on either side of their heads. They bob their heads doing the pigeon walk because the head is held back, focused on where they were and forming a motioned parallax view; while the body is moved forward. A blinded pigeon does not bob when it walks. Pigeons walking on a treadmill do not bob their heads. Bob’s your uncle.

    Your friendly neighborhood Wood Pigeon jigs out on a limb, keeping squirrels at bay, spilling seed on the ground for quick take off and departures.

    It must be like living next door to Heathrow… again.

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