I get on my electric bike – hey it’s fun

IT WAS a misty Sunday morning, misted particularly so by the fact that I was in North Parade’s Rose & Crown hostelry and I somehow lost my way, last night

Woke up and it wasn’t a Chelsea morning but realised I really needed to get my electric bike into gear and get going, as the Americans say.

I got a Smarta LX bike. It’s cute. But no manual. Don’t these guys realise that we need to read something to learn? Next photo, you’ll see me on my bike.  Don’t mention the solar panels. Or the centre of laundry excellence!

And does an electric bike really need nine gears? Anyway it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be – and it went up hills magnificently, and down dales. I reached my destination, maybe three or four miles away in twenty minutes or so, including fag break.  I’m  getting to like my electric bike.

6 responses to “I get on my electric bike – hey it’s fun

  1. My son has one like that, they are on sale in Canada too. He really likes it.

  2. Not impressed by you taking a fag break on a twenty minute bike ride. Though love the idea of an electric bike. I want an electric nissan car .

  3. OI!
    title=”You never said you were aiming for Scotland!”
    You need an a sidecar!
    I always have one after a good ride.

  4. I hope the electric bike came with a cigarette lighter and ashtray. My car did.

  5. real pro, look at fenders, nice & functional. package del spring on rear, quality. light weights’ paradise. safer reflectors.

    vondrashek bikes are hard to ride md.

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