The musical stone pillars at Vijayanagar

THIS PICTURE shows a temple in Hampi – Vijayanagar – with stone pillars that can be played like a musical instrument.

No one knows how this is done. It is a real phenomenon. Although the pillars are now closed off to the public, at the Virupaksha Temple there are also two musical stone pillars and I have personally struck one and heard the very clear sound. In the same temple, there is a camera obscura too.

In times of yore, the pillars in the picture were played by musicians at the temple with their sound resonating through the valley where the mandir is. Vijayanagar was one of the wonders that was in India, and there is a great deal of comment from Western observers about just how powerful and wonderful it was, in its day. ♥

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  1. Whoa! That’s awesome. Do you think that men in the future will ever reach the capability and the level of craftsmanship which is evident in the ancient ruins which exist enigmatically all over the world? Mankind seems to have amnesia regarding all Vitt hala temple, ‘Rama yana’, Pushpa ka and Vim anas which give off “melodious sound”, ‘the blessed substance’ Time Tuning? It is asserted that ancient Indians flew around in these vehicles, all over Asia, to Atlantis presumably; and even, apparently, to South America. Flats Sharps Major Minor Mixolydian.

    “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out!”

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  3. Hi ETBad – no, this is really fantastic. The craftsmen were obviously geniuses. I still can’t figure out how you make a stone pillar do this. But I am dumb.

  4. Hello Mike, a bit slow on the uptake here but you may like our database of Indian Temples with many thousands of photos (and megaliths and lots more)


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