Indradhanush over Nath Sthan in Oxford

AT the bottom of the picture, a dovecot. The doves are away but they do come out to play.

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    the photofast pci-e ssd looks to be good and commodity hopefully within a few years, personally i like cache (usage: i went from ashy to cachey) and roll your own ain’t too hard intel raid chip tops out at around 600. 4 plus ssds and card is sweet spot for vars/resellers/white box channel/erstwhile computer guru/independent smb/middleware resellers. high iops is great for servers, transaction intensive apps, rendering, search and indexing are majorly sped up. my regards to dr stewart…link above not to be confused with stark fist of removal or any principals of the church of the subgenius.
    Jehovah 1 (aka JHVH-1 or Jehovah-One), a God-like wrathful entity (a “wrathful alien space god from some corporate sin galaxy”).

  2. thomasxstewart

    im see’in cisco router from past san fran ‘ Art comments. maybe orange belongs on inside though.

    rainbow is sign of Bolling AFB.

    vondraashek md

  3. thomasxstewart

    First, There are Several SSD Blocks With pci-e Controler Card Out Now for Under $300 & Data Thruput of 700+ Mb/s, One Claims 5 Gb/s. With HDD into Sata ports As Backbone of Permanent Memory & Whopper of SSD for O/S, Cold be sweet. When Pci-e3.0 Gets released, New Standard might Burn Down Farm, Ha,ha. Resaon for controler card is Sata Port has upper limit of 700 Mb/s.

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    Beats Fungulating Acreola or Tree Bark By Mile. reputation of “food for poor people
    notes of vanilla, hazelnut and, more subtly, fresh bread. There is no unpleasant aroma, such as yeast, fungus, mold or paper, which sometimes occur with other chestnuts

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    So There, Look About, Chestnuts Love Cold & Best Time To Harvest ChestNuts. Chesnuts are fetile when grown Meters Apart, NOT Touching Each Other. Like theINQ Writers forming Own Zines, Just Better That Way.
    Wood Is Harvestable about year 12, after 50, too weak & Splintery, however, bark contains Much Tannin, which can dye leather RED.
    Chestnut was Good Source for Sugar, Until Sugar Beet Was Invented, Chestee’ Grows on soil Ph 5.5, Not in Akaline Soil, Loves Sun & Deep Rich Soil W/ Rain. Look About, Chestnuts Might Be Answer To Winters Hunger.

    vondrashek ChestNutologist.

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