Isis feeds, dances company including Mad Mike

LAST NIGHT we went to a dinner between 41st and 42nd Avenues, where a company of souls gathered to say goodbye to Sam Webster. Sam is going to Bristol University in October and temporarily leaving the Bay Area.

The venue was pretty astonishing really – an Egyptian restaurant called Al-Masri, and decked out with Ancient Egyptian motifs.  That included an Isis Room, with space for 12 to eat and gaze at pictures of Isis, like this one below.

The food was great – served by a young lady who called herself Isis. Isis later danced for the company and Sam was crowned with a pharaoh’s headgear and given two staffs to cross to boot. What fun!  Yesterday was also the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated with great festivities in Mumbai and Maharashtra. ♥

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