I still miss Terry Shannon

I’M REMINDED by the fiendish Plaxo that tomorrow would have been Terry Shannon’s birthday.

I still miss the guy badly, five years after his untimely death. ♦

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  1. thomasxstewart

    DEC has intresting book about formation of DEC. Use of Teams .with deadline to produce something. People don’t realize that computer thenwas set up for one tsak & when that finished, machine had to be rewarmed up or nudged into next task. No 90 day back & forth useage, simple day to day reset & run, then next job order. Often computer had 100 terminals hooked to main & nightmare for administrators to keep pages of data from each terminal flowing to group out box or prepared for run.

    My opinion Is looks as if charlie drank & drank at too old age. 2 years in US Army probably meant Conscripted. Luckily for Charlie. had extensive experience in something sponsoring group wanted to know about as performance.Electronic Surveilence & communications in Battlefield. Probably drove Charlie to intoxication, as many soldiers end up confused as to what happened & lack of support after.

    Alpha was $8,000.00 machine with refrigeration cooling, Used by Hollywood studios, whom discarded machines to local thrift. so not as Hot in performance as anticapated.

    People Are Dieing Everyday Whom Have Never Died Before.

    vondrashek md

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