WordPress themes governed by drongos

IF ONLY stupid WordPress had dropped its customers a line to say that it was buggering about with the free themes, my bog would not be as buggered as it is now. Mental note to myself. Don’t waste time when a few software developers can destroy the work of years.

3 responses to “WordPress themes governed by drongos

  1. WordPress caesura comma toast!

  2. thomasxstewart

    WordPress 3.0, Mike turning in Danny Bloom. Ha,he. oh, got some good home photos of Washington, dc & really looks lots like Oxford. Actually Deep Horizon sprung leak here with desert like floods. Here:


    Pics change instantly, theres 96. told Ye about change over 3 weeks ago in FB.


  3. Mike,

    And you are trying to tell me that Microsoft never messed you up? Or Apple?


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