Truly remarkable moth tips up on Oxford window

MOTHS are quite something, aren’t they? They found a niche at night that butterflies occupy in the day and people insist that they’re headed for the moon which is why they bang against electric lights.

A friend of mine points out that if they were really looking for the moon, they’d carry on flying up until they’re exhausted and fall to earth, dead as a doornail. I think they’re disorientated by modern lighting – and so am I – and that’s why moths will soon be as extinct as many species of butterflies that really really need the right habitat to live.

Dunno what this species is, but it’s big, and I like it, in Olde Oxforde, long as it doesn’t get inside and I have to rescue the bloody thing.

3 responses to “Truly remarkable moth tips up on Oxford window

  1. Possibly a Garden Tiger or Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner?

    If moths do become extinct what of their souls? Many cultures held moths as souls.

    They can’t ALL be Ghost Moths.

  2. This moth is from the Taxonomic family Sphingidae, they are a bit like hummingbirds in that they hover in front of flowers and extent their mouth parts called a proboscis to suck the nectar. The worms of these moths are feared by all but are harmless as silkworms. No idea of the common name for this, but looking from the other side makes it easier to tell.

  3. thomasxstewart

    Back about 1900 cowboys work on family ranch over summer. One year when returning, without warning, city started to install electricity. People returning from range thought city was on fire.

    Latter Hotels began to install electric lights, people whom never seen electric light up close would stare at ceiling light All Night, fixated upon It. Some thought lighs would increase life expectancy.
    Then theres Mothra, Taking city by storm, vat movie that is.
    vondrshek md

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