Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

WordPress themes governed by drongos

IF ONLY stupid WordPress had dropped its customers a line to say that it was buggering about with the free themes, my bog would not be as buggered as it is now. Mental note to myself. Don’t waste time when a few software developers can destroy the work of years.

Truly remarkable moth tips up on Oxford window

MOTHS are quite something, aren’t they? They found a niche at night that butterflies occupy in the day and people insist that they’re headed for the moon which is why they bang against electric lights.

A friend of mine points out that if they were really looking for the moon, they’d carry on flying up until they’re exhausted and fall to earth, dead as a doornail. I think they’re disorientated by modern lighting – and so am I – and that’s why moths will soon be as extinct as many species of butterflies that really really need the right habitat to live.

Dunno what this species is, but it’s big, and I like it, in Olde Oxforde, long as it doesn’t get inside and I have to rescue the bloody thing.