Pink Oxford meets closed pub

OXFORD. So good they called it Cambridge and TED.♦

3 responses to “Pink Oxford meets closed pub

  1. There is no other
    to compare with you
    But those feelings
    ain’t complete when
    you’re not here
    all the time

  2. thomasxstewart

    First, Pink Cloud of Dusk Is Pretty. Late, Long Rays Last only 15 Minutes. Next, Thachted Farm House. Notice Chimney is In Middle of Home.

    Next Notice Home & Deck House, has one small Chimney in Middle, So OLDER home to start, then Chimney was added on End of Home, As 90% of Homes today. Bare Rock & Stone Arn’t that great, Way too much heat, blessing turned sour. Like Grocer whom hunts on YOUR Land, Chmney can take whole value & leave cold,mold & dampness, instead of Glass Surrounding, as EG.

    vondrashek iTAB Store

  3. this is a mandatory backlink to admiral halsey aka uncle jeb ‘maverick’ meerkat I don’t totally agree but no you are right about premium channels and such- there are about 20 networks – cpa is going to win the day and cpm is just lunacy – big rates were common but def ‘irrational exhuberance’ and not indicative of real world ctr, though all the new punters are going to be targeted through facesheet and also through use of mod geoip which should prove to be a good thing i guess – who am i to judge and what is it to you anyways really? it will be reality of new ad trends and of course some surprises – always suprises.things are heating up and with next gen phones on the way all bets are off as to what is going to happen, i am biased so lets just downgrade it to a spring quickening but you get the idea…

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