The strange gingerbread hoose in Ye Olde Binsey

YOU COULDN’T MAKE it up, but it exists in swarms of Brimstones, Red Admirals and the rest. Ye Olde Perche is an expensive place to eat, though but. This is not a picture of The Perch pub. You can find the rather dodgy history of The Perch pub here.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    first settlement in the vicinity of present-day Oxford would have been reached by crossing over fords of the River Thames. In certain areas the river was shallow enough for farmers to cross with their oxen. From this we can see where the name “Oxford” came from

    Born Historian, Ultamat Knows Truth. Here Thatched Roof Seems So Like Belgium. Perhaps Power of Wheat Germ, Advertised. Believe More Likely Fable of Princess & Captain, Similar to Shek, Too Many Shreks & Only ONE Princess.
    Point: Most likely Perche, Type of Food, in river & Good Deal of Effort in Establishing ministry, Came NOT From Within English Isle, from Belgium. Due to Construction. Englands’ Barren Land, Lawless & seeking Knowledge, Pub Was Sanctuary , Place to start again. both by Propieitor & Visitor. Name rank & serial number.

    Then Off to Fields For Drunkenness.After Hundred years of Luxenborgs Fanatic Human Experimentation, Eating Driping from Nose, People figured Out NOT Coming Back & Stockade Is NO Place to Live.

  2. out of interest, what is so dodgy about the history of the Port Meadow and The Perch pub?

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