I rediscover butterflies, in Oxford

THERE’S NOTHING like a comma, is there?  But the Comma butterfly is a beautiful butterfly and over the last two days I’ve seen a number of species I haven’t spotted for years.

Yesterday I saw a Brimstone, a beautiful Red Admiral, a Small Tortoiseshell, an Orange Tip, Fritillaries of different species I didn’t recognise and only one Large Cabbage White. They are common or garden.

A DodoAnd butterflies, when I was a kid,  weren’t isolated. True it is that you don’t see huge flocks of Red Admirals, which I did when I was a kid in Aberdeen. But there were enough of them to make me realise that if you don’t keep a bit of wild around, you end up with sterility.

You’re never far from the countryside in Oxford. Yesterday I walked up to a pub called The Perch in Binsey Lane. There’s plenty of streams on the way, and I spotted a Perch or three on the way. It’s years since I’ve seen a Skylark, I long to lie in grass again and watch and listen to these beautiful creatures as they ascend into their vertical niche, high high up,  and drop, silently, to the grasslands again. 

6 responses to “I rediscover butterflies, in Oxford

  1. “First
    the Church and
    then The Perch”

    And never
    the train
    shall mete
    my feet
    in a bandbox.

    “We will all laugh
    at gilded butterflies”

  2. thomasxstewart

    Oh,Ya.Eye Invented theDODO, & Can Cure theBUTTERFLIES. Common Monarch or Maple Syrup SpredCheese, Is Typical Monarch. Way too much Ale, Then Deadly House Paint.

    If Washes Out too large of Clumps of Deadened Fleash, Blood of Hymophilac turns sheets yellowed or liquid Serum spotee’.
    So, Iron 10 tab daily to wash out Old You. B balanced complex to foster Purification needed & antibiotic cocktail of pennicilian,tetracyclin, acyliour & halo cephlin. Iron for 5years with athletics on year 3 & 5. rest as needed, often, especially for first year. antibiotic cockstail in specific order aclivior last.

    drsahek indian Phrophet & MD

  3. Skylarks again. Back to Orkney then, where they abound in summer!

  4. thomasxstewart

    Commentos II. Like Butterfly Reg. Expand that to: I Invented OXFORD. Then TAX.

    vondrashek md

  5. Well, flock me! 52 miles, that’s a long walk… (comma, or no comma).

    May be a little shorter as the crow fly’s (or with a tight arse), still (here’s that comma again!), its all in the name of Lepidopterology!

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