A touching story of ducklings, a duck, and Oxford

IT WAS SO very nice to see this darling duckette with her ducklings in Oxford yesterday. Shame they have to navigate traffic signs in the otherwise rather clean bit of water.

Someone, save the ducklings and their mums! ♥

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4 responses to “A touching story of ducklings, a duck, and Oxford

  1. thomasxstewart

    Oh,Mike. Got SomeThing Even Hotter.


    What could be Hotter than MaMa & Children, Well, EveryWhere of Course.



  2. Lovely Likkle Ducks!

    Over my holiday in the Appalachian mountains, I’d watch the myriad duckapalooza splash out ‘The Flambe’ where velvet sunlight pours through the cool ravines of the Oconaluftee river.

    I’d say as a mountain river, it is only 60+ feet across.

    “Here is no eft or mortal snake
    But only sluggish duck and drake.”

    And upon the banks fishing flies, the old duck with the knee-length gaiters and walrus mustache, he is the egg man!

    I swanny: At times there’d be a dozen green headed Mallards to 1 or 2 females. And then some forced duckplay in the current events; a badling of ducks, now sord in the brace, indeed.

    Occasionally, a motherly flotilla would paddle in and landfall the smooth river stones, where, to stretch,
    flit-fluttle with ever the watchful eyes on mother, the ducklings preening by the by on the cool rocks, that were some time in the crevice of a cragMor as its native nest made in the cold white waters; a clutch for tomorrow’s dear ducks’ lives.

    In the twilight hours, this huey-dewey-louie quackery gave way to a romp of whistley-pig by the woodchucks’ chucks of a groundhog’s burgers and fries, buns or whatever else ere may suffice for many tails afoot: the likkle beggars.

    Moorestown is still a bit of a pig, I’m told.


  3. madmikemagee

    Beautiful comment, Monsigneur Karlsbad!


  4. I would so love to mind
    a P or Q along ‘side you, Captain!

    For what is mundane
    as the Olde Pub by the lane
    is el world class
    correcto mundo
    en el mundo
    poor me.


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