Hathi main hath hai

AND SO IT goes.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Can We Believe Commentos’ Upon RED Elephant, Near Theatre ,Around Shopping Mall SomeWhere, With Green Grasses Gowing from TOP?

    Really, Is This Game Show? Would’n IT Be FUN To Get Into Inside of ‘Phont , like Cab Carriage & Travel Around World. Luminos projectous. Oops, Just Did.


  2. Just be glad it wasn’t pink!

  3. हठी मैं हाथ है
    I have persistant hand?

    My red!
    तुम मधु, पकवान, मिठाई आदि (जो जी में आये) माँग लो; मेरे दुलारे लाल!

    You honey, dish, dessert, etc.

    Ask; my darling red!

    मेरा यह बालगोविन्द ऐसा हठी है (कि कुछ न पूछो) ।
    It is stubborn like mine! stubborn child; A red-headed stepchild. A red herring!
    A pickled kipper!
    A ruse!
    A white elephant!
    A thorn in my side!
    A stumbling stone!

    Go Vend it on the mountain.
    It is for sale.

    Oh Lord of Beginnings and
    Lord of Obstacles,
    why hast thou chastised me?

    Lie me afloat with the Great Red One, Ganesha Heramba Nadapratithishta Ekakshara Vinayakar upon the River Ganges with sweet strawberries.

    Living is easy with eyes closed,
    misunderstanding is
    all you see.
    It’s getting hard
    to be someone
    but it all works out.
    It doesn’t matter
    much to me.

    No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or
    it must be low.
    That is you can’t
    you know
    tune in if it’s too high
    still it must be alright.

    That is I think
    it’s not too bad.

    I think I know of thee,
    and thee of me.
    ah yes, but it’s all so wrong.
    That is I think It’d disagree.

    Let me take you down,
    ’cause I’m going to
    Strawberry Fields.
    Strawberry Fields.
    Nothing is real and
    There’s nothing to get
    hung about.
    Strawberry Fields forever.
    Strawberry Fields forever.
    _The Beatles

    “Glory is like a circle in the water, Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, Till by broad spreading it disperse to nought.” -William Shakespeare

    My strawberries were a bit tart, though fully ripe, and needed to be sugared.

    What more do you have for me, master? tip-toe?

  4. “In addition the properties of the dot itself had to be carefully tailored to produce entangled emission.”

    This entangled light is necessary to make a quantum computer, which will be able to perform tasks well beyond the scope of current computer technology. Examples given by the scientists include modelling new pharmaceuticals or materials, communicating securely via quantum cryptography, and producing higher storage on optical disks.

    Well, if you ever go back into Wooley Swamp,
    Well, you better not go at night.
    There’s things out there in the middle of them woods
    That make a strong man die from fright.
    Things that crawl and things that fly
    And things that creep around on the ground.
    And they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around.

    But I couldn’t believe it.
    I just had to find out for myself.
    And I couldn’t conceive it
    ‘Cause I never would have listened to nobody else.
    And I couldn’t believe it.
    I just had to find out for myself
    There’s somethings in this world you just
    can’t explain.

    The old man lived in the Wooley Swamp way back in Booger Woods.
    He never did do a lot of harm in the world,
    But he never did do no good
    People didn’t think too much of him
    They all thought he acted funny
    The old man didn’t care about people anyway
    All he cared about was his money.
    He’d stuff it all down in mason jars
    And he’d bury it all around
    And on certain nights
    If the moon was right
    H e’d dig it up out of the ground.
    He’d pour it all out on the floor of his shack
    And run his fingers through it.
    Yeah, Lucius Clay was a greedy old man
    And that’s all that there was to it.

    Cable boys was white trash
    They lived over on Carver’s Creek.
    They were mean as a snake
    And sneaky as a cat
    And belligerent when they’d speak.
    One night the oldest brother said,
    “Y’all meet me at the Wooley Swamp later
    We’ll take old Lucius’s money
    and we’ll feed him to the alligators.”

    They found the old man out in the back
    With a shovel in his hand,
    Thirteen rusty mason jars
    was just dug up out of the sand.
    And they all went crazy
    And they beat the old man,
    And they picked him up off of the ground.
    Threw him in the swamp
    And stood there and laughed
    As the black water sucked him down.

    Then they turned around
    And went back to the shack
    And picked up the money and ran.
    They hadn’t gone nowhere
    When they realized
    They were running in quicksand.
    And they struggled and they screamed
    But they couldn’t get away
    And just before they went under
    They could hear that old man laughing
    In a voice as loud as thunder.

    And that’s been fifty years ago
    And you can go by there yet.
    There’s a spot in the yard
    In the back of that shack
    Where the ground is always wet.
    And on summer nights
    If the moon is right
    Down by the that dark footpath,
    You can hear three young men screaming.
    You can hear one old man laugh.

  5. thomasxstewart

    Repeatable line, as Old Man too, was Black about acting OLD, to point of being Old, while could of Stay Young & Wiser than Youth seeking eternal redemption upon JustAny cause.

    drashek As the black water sucked him down.

    concl:Should of Moved to CONDO….

  6. When all of a sudden
    right up from the ground,
    There came a bubblin’ crude

    Oil that is
    Black gold
    Texas tease

    The little Clampit
    got his own cement pond
    The little Clampit,
    he’s a millionaire

    Ain’t nobody gonna Clampit?

    I wanna tell you about
    Texas Radio and the Big Beat
    Comes out of the Louisanna swamps
    Tar and sludge with plenty of dispersant
    Mean and ruthful of the Western dream
    Listen to this, and I’ll tell you
    ’bout the heartache
    I’ll tell you ’bout the heartache
    and the loss of Good
    I’ll tell you ’bout the hopelessness fright
    The meager flood for souls spigot
    I’ll tell you ’bout the maiden
    with wraught iron scold

    I’ll tell you this
    No eternal reward
    will forgive us now
    for wasting the spawned

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