Whispering Windows – not Windows 7 – Mussouri

Whispering Windows, Mussouri

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Napping in Rickshaw, taking in sounds. Exhausted & looking for Client to Insult. Free food accross double fence, dreaming of travels, marine corps & indias’ cuisine.

    Next, Tablet or Media Phone, taking in net. ah what grandkids will have, Rikshaw & tablet phone, up hill to house above crowd, thats where rikshaw can take you.

    Love Yellow & RED. black probably made from potatoe bugs, as churned out menu paper & napkins.

    Berma Slave.

    PS Berm is High Rising hill.


  2. I took the policy survey at

    I don’t know what to make of it, as I’m not from around these parts, and was about to go have bit of a lie down.

    Crime – UKIP
    Democracy – Lib Dems
    Economy – BNP
    Education – BNP
    Environment – BNP
    Europe – UKIP
    Health / NHS – Conservatives
    Immigration – UKIP
    Welfare – Lib Dems

    I’ll be looking for new May Day pictures, Mike.

  3. thomasxstewart

    Heres’ Cuning Link to Todays Policies:


    Notice Reedit on cage scene, look closely, frame by frame & see Smilely face.

    Knew yusf us.e ALL my honey up, yousf selfish mother***. today Polices, tomorrows Policy & beyound ce.


  4. TSyus too sarxy!
    That swhy I gave up the phone.
    Too much call waiting.


    better get that rash scene to

  5. thomasxstewart

    HEY Mike. New Clue in Case of Who Is Drashek.


    Located near theMAGEE, Part of Sisterhood Cousin Madliene Parker Gordon attends in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Madeliene Hopes to Transfer to Washington,Dc.

    Perhaps Secret Messages can be TransRecieved & Contact Sisters in Marshfield Abbey. Will of GOD, Tell US. Will, errr,Mike.

    Isn’t that Curious that Oxford has One of Several Abbeys of Same Sisterhood as Cousin Madeliene.

    Yesterday, Madeliene Mom was Clipping Horses’ toenails. well, Hove Nails, Actually. God Apparently Cut Horses Bit Short. So thats Life From Colonies.

    Reverend Doctor Friar Jesuit Thomas Stewart von Drashek M.D. D.D. B.F.A. & Graduate. DIPLOMAT

  6. is that the everywhere girl or eva glass?
    reading the tea leaves says jetstream controller and wider 32 nm deployment, 20 nm nand will ramp.
    sitting in an old cafe in taipei i could not wait for next client to enlighten or berate – they come in all kinds no doubt
    the dev server is rotting on the ways pending clone (p2v pity) and consolidation of other machines. going all virtual here pretty much. kvm madness – 10.04 looks good btw concurrent snapshot backups is a must
    burn rate <3 weeks should be locked in. busy

  7. thomasxstewart

    Everywhere Just Confessed to Helper Clown Aronist Conspiracy. So Go Figure. Some Nut thinks memory as energy can go to 5 nm, forget it.

    As World turns In Last FEW Days, Before inching closer to Venus & Temps too high. Maybe in Eve ning.

    Hologram storage or 200+ Layer
    dvd coming into Focus, EyeFinity XII. Teenagers make crumy Occupied Home arsonists. Calling Paul hales.

    Everywhere = Andrew. AKA Curious ?George. Eva = BoTox Exa.
    screens over Windows, Starving ,Crying Out in Pain. Hotel of Concrete. Straps, Chains, Simply Knocked Unconscious, for entertainment. Food Reserve for Muslim Resturant. Dairy Bar Been Wiser.

    drashek Willow weap for ME. Aqua Duct My Firend, Undercutting Berm So easy, ALL YOUR GOLD IS OURS. HUSH Litle Darlin’ Silver & Tin will Sleep by Our Side.
    Machine Guns Are Dangerous Tools.

  8. I simply cannot understand ALL of your allusion and imagery and Jiggery Pokery, Drashbo!

    I wish I could.
    I wish you well.

  9. Sorry about the witticisms. I wish I’d known years ago. It was so much fun. mea culpa.
    Best of Blighty to you.

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