It’s St George’s Day at the Rose and Crown

ALTHOUGH only a wee timorous beastie – a Jock like me – would dare to enter the wonderful Rose & Crown on St George’s Day, I was accompanied by a tall Englishman so that was OK. ♦

Rose and Crown, North Parade

2 responses to “It’s St George’s Day at the Rose and Crown

  1. thomasxstewart

    Right next Door to Another Favmagee Eatery. Local ‘raunts can be great. In Hollywood, ALL MEAT BEEF Linguea Burritto is TOP Notch. Almost Every Local carries them. See Sights & get best of food,too.

    Poor St George, Executed 13 times cann’t be that FUN. R & C Chimmeny Looks Bit Weak. Spector to Rescue.

    Y’all friend: drashek

  2. Like as not you stood him good stead. Extra points awarded for having a pint of Guinness.

    the “home of cultured, flippant & witty conversation”

    The pink would NOT go over well where I live, as it would be construed as for the limp of wrist.

    When I think of St. George, I’m reminded of Dudley Do-Right. And Mighty Mouses’ theme music: “Here I come to save the day”

    Let go down to the Rose and Crown and have ourselves a pint for olde St. George!

    “If Hercules for all his hardiness with club
    had run this dragon through
    He should forsooth have found enough to do.”

    Your turn, TS.

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