The waxing Moon is no balloon

THIS IS NOT the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It is an image I captured of the waxing Moon earlier on today.

And then there is Shirley Ellis with the Clapping Song!

9 responses to “The waxing Moon is no balloon

  1. sim mah down nah. simmer down tom!

  2. thomasxstewart

    Moon with Smiley Face. Has anyone seen Sylvia barak. Been few days & my Wax is Geting HOT.

    New Article: Medicinal Marihuana Clapping. Age of Aquarium was really like Mass Hullucidnogen, Crank Prez wanting ALL youth Dead & Worse. 600,000 Veterans Died by Own hand, Apparently. One Hand Clapping, Still to this Day.Clapping with macharina Shade.

    One Handed drashek

  3. Sylvie shifts almost exclusively for

    RCR Wireless News (rcrwirelessnews) on Twitter

    Mobile Technology | Wireless Broadband | Wireless Carriers | RCR …

    and their comments don’t show.

  4. thomasxstewart

    Very Nice. Heres todays on Internet 3.

    Sylvie Barak

    Marvell’s new Avanta coupled with optical fiber could theoretically enable high broadband throughput ranging from 100Mbps to 2.5Gbps per home

    & whole bunch more from iPad to anything in Communications. Renaming Sylv: Bannana Leaf Woman, from photo Sylvee’ carries of Self.
    So many come & go. Adamson Rust. Eva glass, yet Sylvia is enigma. Something that stays in Mind.


  5. I miss her too, but there is probably some practical reason somewhere or other.

    I always fancied she’d soon be an Intel PR Bunny.

    Really surprised the Mosad, CIA and Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not knocking at her door.

    Maybe she’ll make us smile once more with some classic sussing in the future, after Ohad finishes his Law degrees at Stanford.

  6. Speaking of talented hack flair, but that Tamlin sure is shining on TechEye!

    I like to hope that my trusty hacks are doing well in this awful economy and don’t end up on the grubstreet.

    What is the word on Andrew Thomas? Is this him?

  7. thomasxstewart

    Andrew Thomas has 88 friends on FaceBook. Less than Most writers. personally, got ZERO Friends & am deactivated now.

    friends arn’t my thang, baby.

    So Andrew seems tobe sleeping. Economic Crisis of year ago sems to have wiped out Journo group into personal/IT ezines.

    From Hen Scratchings to Mere boredom is improvement for self. although let mistakes go. Commentos arn’t that responible. Remember in Robin Hood, ?Friar Tuck Teaching Children. Well, internet is about same, Hunt & peck typing, Hidden in reclouse of forested school. With ?ignorant, Teaching Rudimentary quality of service.
    Surprising any of past jurnos’ are stll clamering out daily read. People just don’t have time to develope elaborate quality methodology. Good side is whats on internet costs millions to produce everyday & is relatively inexpensive to obtain & read. also speed information can be found has become astonishing. editing & reediting.

    Funny how nick ferrel keeps on hammering. Anyway theCOMPUTER costs less than Boat, more useful & just as Magical. AAarrrggh.

    Doing dignity to Poor on Internet has been lifesaver. Easy, Friendly & Informative. Like Coffe Shop or Club. Best of people without distress of travel. Google maps & internet have replaced espionage to bedroom item. People are in more control.

    Karlsbad Karolina Kronicles.

    drashek editor.

  8. Andrew Thomas can be found on Defacebook…. no twittering for him

  9. thomasxstewart

    Tamlin has Matured. From start with Music & band friends, Tamlin wanted NO part of My Friendship. so OK. Then as Dad started new ezine, chance came up to both make music & Product. reaching further out.

    Example is TV in 1950s’ was basicly rif raf of radio quality. Then market developed & by 1960s’, quality producers came in, getting great stuff in can. Radio improved via less muscians, better recording equipment.

    Tamlin has good base & mentor. TOP 50 Jouro in UK. Taking advantage of that as Friendship was clean break from narrow view. Todays TV offers younger artists & producers, as in whom wants to be millionare or Starsearch.

    Step up from Queen forday or price is right. Same as new younger artist mature, so up goes quality & better crew.

    Writing to broad audience is key. Tamlin will never be friend again, yet seeing diversity, like university, expands ones bounds. Hope Mikes urging helped tamlin for my one trial. so thats past.

    Song Moment: Oh, Mr. Tambourine Man, Play Song for US.


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