Spring reaches Oxford

IT’S WONDERFUL to wake up to blue skies and cherry blossom outside your bedroom window. Bumblebees are flying, the Wren is singing beautifully out there, and the Blue Tits have just fledged. The weather’s been lovely for the last two days, none of that wet stuff Oxford is renowned for. ♦

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  1. We in SC were covered, a quarter inch of the fine yellow powder that is pollen.

    This for about 2 weeks since the trees re-leafed.

    Many a teary eye and sniffles.
    Some blooms, but mainly the shoots of the Southern Yellow Pines.

    Last night rain which had begun off the coast of Washington state, mercifully washed this first coating away.

    Just in time for Tiger’s Masters’ Golf.

    The wrens are back to be sure, but my favorites: the purple martins too:


    Now I see the pictures of these birds online, but I’d say their heads are more #C0448F to #E3256B. Or maybe another variety I can’t name.

    The many varieties of owls never left woodpecker woods.

    They give a hoot about everything.

    The black bear and the red fox know the earth is wide.

    The raccoon swears it all belongs to him, else he’ll nick it.

    The crows of the field fly vigil against the great birds of prey.

    My brother the fox spoke and said: “Behold the wideness of the earth. Now is the time of Sun and Wind and Rain. Stand by cool waters and say to the white clouds, ‘you are the strength, oh heavens. The power is yours.'”

  2. thomasxstewart

    OMG Karlsgood&bad IS Cured.

    More HOT Sterate Wax Seed Growth Factor in Blossums than HOT Pics, Much More, Each Getting Cherry Ready, NotEasy Task, suppose.

    Yellow Pollen , with Windex, gives nice White Semi Opaque to Front windows. When Wax Melts into large sreaks during Cleaning.

    Oh such Good spring News, Passed General Inspection yesterday for another 15 Months, due to overburdened Staff, taking bit more than year.

    Also have 13 partitions, some abandoened as late as Aug ‘9, ALL Up, One 24/7. theres new 6.1.7601., although bit torrent or early SP1. add 2 or more gb to -=7=- 64 Ent.


  3. Spring. I love it.

    FYI, we’ve been talking of moving from Canada to Blighty. Any places you would recommend?

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