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Whispering Windows – not Windows 7 – Mussouri

Whispering Windows, Mussouri

It’s St George’s Day at the Rose and Crown

ALTHOUGH only a wee timorous beastie – a Jock like me – would dare to enter the wonderful Rose & Crown on St George’s Day, I was accompanied by a tall Englishman so that was OK. ♦

Rose and Crown, North Parade

The waxing Moon is no balloon

THIS IS NOT the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It is an image I captured of the waxing Moon earlier on today.

And then there is Shirley Ellis with the Clapping Song!

Oxford mistletoe, and spring

JUST AS you head down the High Street in Oxford to St Clemens, there’s an old hulk of a tree festooned with mistletoe.

Mistletoe in Oxford

And the blossom continues to bloom in Oxford, in the spring. This shot on the Woodstock Road, just south of Bevington Road.  

Spring reaches Oxford

IT’S WONDERFUL to wake up to blue skies and cherry blossom outside your bedroom window. Bumblebees are flying, the Wren is singing beautifully out there, and the Blue Tits have just fledged. The weather’s been lovely for the last two days, none of that wet stuff Oxford is renowned for. ♦