Saucy images from a pre-Internet age

I WAS in the Cricketers Arms earlier on this week – it’s rather a nice pub on the Iffley Road, in Oxford.

Eventually I heard a little twitter that I interpreted as a call of Nature, and went to the wazzeria.

Much to my surprise, the wall is filled with these images – girlie mag covers from a more innocent age. I made my excuses and left. ♦

Saucy girlie pictures

3 responses to “Saucy images from a pre-Internet age

  1. thomasxstewart

    HEEEAAYYY MIKE. Starting NEW Strain of TOOLS, Called:

    GA GA BYTE. TOP of Line is HRM GAGA BYTE then for Home Enthusiast, Lady GAGA BYTE, Step Down to C++GAGA BYTE & Finally Pulling UP ?Rear, A gagabyte.

    Wall Covering as Rapper & Walla, Open Merch. Multi Useing & ZAM, Connects to any wi signal or copperline FREE & Delivers Absolutely FREE Telephone Service & internet. so much for Blondee’. Hanging on telephone, Lady GAGA, Ayrd Godfre’ on Telephone.

    Sequael, Men Whom masturbate OLD LAdies….

  2. thomasxstewart

    OMG Forgot Link. One of Last ReMaining FREE Links To Telephone, yet Altered, with Blurry Vision & Aryd taken out of named announced as caller, though still suggest in walk to telephone.

    Will “THEY” Never Stop Corrupting MY VIDEOS?

    Let Alone Selling. REVERSE GAGA, Capt’n Screams into Horn, Seamans’Apprentice Retorts, REversing GAGA. Ya Noticed. Are We’ed In Port?

    Ne e d More Chocolate C u t t e r s. Suasiay Parade.

    At least theINQ commentos’ on nudity got Sales rolling, A pparently. Less BAN Rollon, More Toxic Waste.

  3. thomasxstewart

    Hi-Wiley Coyote here. Friend of RoadRunner.

    Heres Opportunity for those EnglishPeoples’, Even if Only Aberdeen, dakota. Join National Union of Journalist, Eye Did, Ehhh.

    First assignment Here In Wshington,Dc “PET REVIEW” Magazine. Published In Maryland.Wow, My Own Pet & Pet Story. Woof,Woof. In Your Local Area theres Probably meeting House Near You, As WorldWide Professional Journo Group.

    HOT Toddee’ Magazine, Hummm seem to See Few On Wall. On Other Side is Peeper Warrent.


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