US military tried to suppress Wikileaks

The latest “notes from the field” by Robert X. Cringely suggests the American military tried to take down Wikileaks.

It is not an edifying tale. Wikileaks has been strapped for cash for quite a while but hardly needed the US military to take it down a peg or three.

Cringely said in his column that he got an email from Wikileaks ed Julian Assange and has printed a 32 page classified document from the US military against Wikileaks.

What has the USA military  to hide?

Obviously quite a lot, tangled up as it is in all sorts of things.

2 responses to “US military tried to suppress Wikileaks

  1. thomasxstewart

    A. No Library of Congress Number. Required on ALL Classified US Documents.

    II Declassified according to author in 2008. Author being actual leak source Julian Assange.

    three- report Is Done by Wikipedaia itself.

    In other Words, Lot of typesetting for Nothing. Fake Document. No Agency Seal Nor Army Seals present. No Name,Rank or Serial Number present.

    Been BAD Mike, Very Bad,Bad Mike. Take TGDaily Secret manager Position & Get Rid of Wolfgang gruener before end up in Levenworth FED by Prisoner of War Conspiracy, Bub.

    Signed: TS. & TES. TOP EXPEDITIONARY SECRET thats kind where can shoot violator on sight.

  2. thomasxstewart

    Oh, Me Gots IT….

    thePLAIN of Reign Is Manly In Bowles….Oops, he,he

    Taipei beckons. But Norman Tebbitt beckons first

    US INTELLECTUALS with a hinterland like to check out things like the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival – we’re cultured at Volesoft you know. Plus it’s a place to shelter from the relentless rain that falls mainly in the Oxford bowl – we think you’ve got it. Where is his bike?

    Lattest & Greatest from theMASTER, Yet NO Correspondo. Better Check agin. Michael.

    Here Signal from Bagram AFB With Hon Obama esq in speech at14:45 on Columbia Broadcast Service was Deal. One soldier Looked particularly Unhappy, right behind podeum. Never Trust euro, faded too far ago, Now came back to Mind. So Thats’ Where Old South Went, Believed Luthers Lute.So many in crowd have had, Posterior lobotamies, thats Hole or dent in back of head,near neck. raised for harvest & there they be. Hon President wasn’t kind, telling ‘Em about families left behinnd,No Nutz, & value of laying side by side. Then Headed for Door, With hacste.Probably Luchtime, So Missed Point of Fellowship. NutSi Vs. Nuet, Show was late, as conferrence with Hon Karzi, Kazzu, karistan, went on & on. reason, Hon. Karzi bluffed way into office, after International vote check, had less than majority, reelection candidate, abdullah abdullah, quit, so finally H Karzi won by default. abdullah was name of king from mideast until H.I.H. Faud came back to life about same time in Aug’9. now uncertain whom is running Saudi Aribia. Hey-MIKE….

    The Rain In Spain Is Mainly In the Plains….


    Oxford Sunday Times as they Happening.

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