I’m really beginning to enjoy my son’s bog

My only son, the Tamlin Magee, started a bog a little while ago.  It’s here.  He relates the tale of Harlan Ellison, something that happened over at the INQster. He’s also been messing around with Jeeves. I like it!

4 responses to “I’m really beginning to enjoy my son’s bog

  1. thomasxstewart

    eLLIS d iSLAND. Another place where bodies where exhumed by tonne in early 1980s’, people seeking reduge in US & recieved Death, InStead. ALL For Price of Ticket.

    Hollow Day Delight.

    ask from askJeeves, is Psycodelic chemical prepetraitor. Carried Rx for stuff for Decades.

    drashek MD

  2. thomasxstewart

    On ?Better Part of Parenting….

    Dad-Kid Camp In
    Friday, March 12, 6 PM – Saturday, March 13, 10 AM, Colonial Church
    Elementary Kids and their Dad (or Grandpa, Uncle or Other Significant Guy)

    Dads, grab your tents, gather up your elementary kids and get ready for a scouting adventure in the CWCA (Colonial Wilderness Camping Area). Dads and kids will camp in tents at church overnight for some amazing no-moms-allowed fun! It’s big! It’s orange! It’s the first and only Dad-Kid Camp In! Bring Condoms. Cuts Back On anualy transmitted Herpes & GET USED TO KIDS SCREAMING IN ?JOY.

    Camp Pyro is a sleep-away camp for kids entering 4th through 6th grade. There is already a waiting list. We give preference to Colonial kids and their friends but we need you to register for Bivouac.

    2nd Grade Milestone:
    Loving God’s Word with Your Child
    Class for 2nd graders & parents:
    Wednesday, March 17, 6:30-8 pm
    Presentation of Bibles: Sunday, March 21

    All second graders and their parents are invited to experience this faith milestone. Families explore God’s Big Story together in preparation for their second graders to receive their very own Bible in the worship service. Ps Knowledge here has impact only while Living.

    Generations — a gathering of women of all ages for fun fellowship, faith sharing, and food for the soul — this year we explore “The Names of Jesus”. Come gather and hear a speaker share a part of her life and how God is calling her closer to Jesus through one of His names. Hosted by Sara in Thomas Stewart tradition.

    gathering for parents to learn the meaning of baptism and the rhythm of blessing their child. Parents may choose to baptize. if bored with Own.

    Well thats IT Folks for Brighter Side of Civillized.

    PPs Bring foreHead Targets. Or just cut back to lasar pistol.

  3. with Apologies to the band:

    Words are flying up
    like a plane of paper
    rains into a paper cup
    They slither while they pass
    They slip up cross the page’s universe

    Jai guru deva om
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world

    Images of broken candle light
    which flicker dances before me
    like a million eyes
    That call me on and up across the telephone the videophone

    My thoughts meander like a
    trombone rolling stone
    inside a letter box
    a better vox
    they tumble loudly as
    they make their way across the worded verse
    the chorded cursor

    Jai guru deva om
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world

  4. thomasxstewart

    Just about to post Tamlin has greatly Improved in Quality & Taste. Then meat packing video Hit Me.

    Nice-Grand Daughter & Looks Like Mike & Tamlin Are Friends, Far Improved.


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