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Saucy images from a pre-Internet age

I WAS in the Cricketers Arms earlier on this week – it’s rather a nice pub on the Iffley Road, in Oxford.

Eventually I heard a little twitter that I interpreted as a call of Nature, and went to the wazzeria.

Much to my surprise, the wall is filled with these images – girlie mag covers from a more innocent age. I made my excuses and left. ♦

Saucy girlie pictures

US military tried to suppress Wikileaks

The latest “notes from the field” by Robert X. Cringely suggests the American military tried to take down Wikileaks.

It is not an edifying tale. Wikileaks has been strapped for cash for quite a while but hardly needed the US military to take it down a peg or three.

Cringely said in his column that he got an email from Wikileaks ed Julian Assange and has printed a 32 page classified document from the US military against Wikileaks.

What has the USA military  to hide?

Obviously quite a lot, tangled up as it is in all sorts of things.

Honey bee spotted in Oxford

A BEAUTIFUL day in Oxford and in the back garden we spot a honey bee flying. The little thing is reaching for the rays of the sun to keep her going, but there’s not that many flowers out yet – snowdrops and crocuses abound. And the cherry tree out the back is showing signs of pink blossom.

I’m really beginning to enjoy my son’s bog

My only son, the Tamlin Magee, started a bog a little while ago.  It’s here.  He relates the tale of Harlan Ellison, something that happened over at the INQster. He’s also been messing around with Jeeves. I like it!

I knelt at Larry Ellison’s feet

DOWN THE Rose & Crown yesterday evening and was reminiscing with a chap about Larry Ellison – he from Oracle.

In Paris, back in the 1990s, I once attended a press conference with Larry on the dais. I was a little hungover,  but my eyes were at the level of his shoes.  They were wondrously crafted shoes. My eyes gradually moved up from his shoes to his socks to his trousers to his jacket and I realised that the value of his shoes alone were more than all the money I had ever spent on clothes on my life.

A chap at the R&C said he was in a Park Lane posh car sale room years back when Larry took a shine to an expensive car.

He paid for it with his Amex card.

That’s a green Amex card, by the way. ♥