It’s all a bit blurry, but what does Cross Country mean?

CROSS COUNTRY is a UK railway company that sort of goes up the middle of England and includes Oxford on its way to wherever it ends up.

Engineering works are always a bit of a problem. But when the trains do run they have a very useful socket into which you can shove your charger for your PC or your mobile phone.

This is a bit blurry – sorry about that but the train was shifting along quite nicely. It’s a 240V 13A  socket with a label above it saying only to be used with PCs and mobile phones.

Makes me wonder a bit.  Has Cross Country perhaps come across an individual who has attempted to plug his microwave oven in, or his vacuum cleaner? Or his or her electric toothbrush? Or….. or…. My mind is boggling… 

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  1. thomasxstewart

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    Railroad Can Transport tonne of Cargo From Washington,Dc to Boston, MA For Mere $1 of Fuel USed. Trains Are electric & Diesel In Corridor, Electric thru Long Tinnels Into Citys. To Protect train & Its’ Passengers. Out West where NO Electric Lines Exist Over Track, NuClear Mini Mills Are Used InSide Train.Easier to ObTain than Diesel Fuel Out In Rugged & Desolate LANd .
    Cutting Costs Further, Producing Fusionable Material & Helium. Average Locomotive Has 4, 500 Gal Tanks For Petroleum FUEL. If Tank Bursts On Track Obstecale, Engine Is Moved to Side Yard, Where FUEL Is Alowed Simply To Leak out OnTo Ground Until Empty.

    240 Volts Is LOT & FEW U.S. Items Use Such Extreme Power. Yet, train Has Power to Spare & Waste, HA. No Other word Exists. 500 Pounds of plastic Bags of HEAVY 16 Mil Plastic Are Thrown Out every run, Never Used, Just thrown In Luggage Compartent, Often In Next To Last Stop. Try To BUY Cheap Ticket, As READER Probably Weights LESS than Tonne or Even Ship Anything, AnyWhere By RAIL. Best deal Being Vechile At $200 Cross Country. Passenger Twice Amount. Always wear Deep Blue Dinner Jacket when Riding train.

    Uncle Worked As DraftsPerson For Empire Bulder from dr/ Shercago to Seattle, Once CREW Gets Road bed ready & Rails Installed, Machine Comes UP from Behind Tears Out New Laid Rails,Then Left On Wayside, Regrades Bed & Installs new Rails by Machine. Millions Have Died IN Railroad, Uselessly. RailRoad Own Land for Mile On Each Side of RailLine & Is Often Only Reason Towns Exist On Route. Load ‘Em Up, Ship ‘Em Out, SOLD AMERICAN.

    In Europe ALL TrainStations are Identical, Under RailYard Exists Area Where Prisoners Build, Maintain,Clean & Test Passenger Rail Equipment, BeforeLeaving Station On Schedule,Prisoner/Workers Never to Be FREE Again From Those Extensive Pits. German Trains Are Completely Powered by NuClear MiniMills & Electric Line Above train Take Surplus Power into Towns At 700 Volts For ReSale. Mild Compared to US 2,400 Volts in Eastern Corridor. Maybe 240 v Just Number Rail Engineering Likes.Besides Lessing Likelyhood of FREE Power Passenger Might Swipe. Dangerous & Deceptive Obligation That Proably BlowYour Lappie If Don’t ReSet Vo;tage Switch On Computer or Have TransFormer.


  2. I have, in the past, ignored said notices and used these sockets to enable me to pre-configure networking and comms gear on the way to clients sites. Makes for an efficient use of travel time, if not bemused looks from fellow passengers.

  3. thomasxstewart

    Feeling Lucky, Neil Tries 220 Volt Plug On AA Cell batteries, NOT To Be Twarted, While Batteries Flamed Speweled Rich Black Smoke, Crackling Away, Newer Devices, Half Dozen iPads Plug In $&$ Go Pop. Extciting Sound, Smokie Pop In Morn. Freah Carbon Do that, to System.

    Yet, Heres INSIDE Clue. 14thof FEBRUARY This Year IS More Than Valentines Days, More Than Dark Moon of February, Its Also Year of Tgiers’ Start.

    Thats Right 220V & Chinese NEW YEAR At Same time, If You Will, With LOVE..

    Whomn Could Neid Anything Moore. Invent Ray Gun For New Year & Juice Passengers with 220v, Travelin’ Institute….Might Be BIG Plus On Get Away Side.

    Drs. Tigr’ e’ NuVoltee’

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